Rex is an Eskimo Spy, a Pirate Detective, an Attorney at Raw, and a Robot Ambassador to the Stars. He turns records in las vegas. stuff your mom likes. to find out more, go to your local library...or go here

I post mostly girls with guns, giants, robots, humans dressed as animals, records, and the occasional pirate ship.

I got a couple o' other interestin' sites to check out as well...
  • boomerstarkiller67:

    When Dinosaurs Ruled The Earth (1970)

  • jbinjapan:

    Bad Brains @ the Bad Ukrainian Culture Center (1982-03-12)

  • gameraboy:

    Battle in Outer Space (1960)

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  • weareallprostitutesandjunkies:

    David Bowie, his wife Angie and their son Zowie.

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  • by hollowbookco:

    The hidden man behind Catcher in the Rye… J.D. Salinger

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  • fuehrer3345:


    Boy band

    Beatles ULTRA RARE ‘butcher’ LP cover

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  • oldshowbiz:

    Robert Crumb’s fantasy, Sheena - Queen of the Jungle

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  • 49scream:

    Mid/late 70’s Black Sabbath patch.

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